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Ladies accessories

MiluMe are proud to design and manufacture all their products in the UK using high quality raw materials.

Their interchangeable bra straps are made from Liberty print fabrics,

French and Italian ribbons and specially dyed lingerie elastic for daylong comfort and support. Simply unhook the straps from your strapless or multi-way bra and replace them with the MiluMe bra straps of your choice. There are 42 different designs to chose from over a range of 3 styles: Classic, Wide and Halter neck. Fully adjustable - one size fits all!

Their complimentary fashion and accessories include knickers to match your bra straps, pajama bottoms that could easily be worn on the high street, cute versatile dresses and even shoelaces! The MiluMe brand is unique and promotes quintessentially British products.

‘Bin those clear, plastic straps... ’