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The barbers and male grooming specialist

Murdoch first established their barbershop in London's creative hub of Shoreditch in 2006, they created an environment for men wanting to make the best of themselves that was less feminine and less sterile than a unisex salon; A stylish, masculine space for a modern gentleman to take the time to relax, build a relationship with his barber and enjoy the full Murdock experience. 

Now with three more stores in the capital Covent Garden, Soho and offering unique barbering services (like luxury wet shaves, for instance), classic grooming products and artisan accessories, they have firmly established ourselves as a primary destination for the new gent-about-town.

Their signature Murdock collection of fragrances,shaving tools and accessories have been developed to equip the modern gentleman with everything he needs to prepare himself for a day in the office or an evening's entertainment. These Murdock essentials provide the foundations of style, individuality and confidence, one step at a time.

‘The skill and craftsmanship which underpin Dents' worldwide reputation are still very much in evidence’