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A tradition of innovation

Simon Kemp began making jewellery in 1990 under the name of Phoenix Design. He realized from the outset that silver was everywhere and there was very little for the lovers of gold that was affordable and of a decent quality.

After experimenting with different processes he developed the ‘gold and silver effect’. This combines solid sterling silver with a 5-micron thick layer of pure 24 carat gold. By using hard gold the jewellery lasts a long time; all of this jewellery is guaranteed, in normal usage, for a minimum of 10 years. After carefully examining each design Simon then removes certain parts of the gold layer with diamond burrs to reveal the silver. This process enhances each piece, drawing out the detail and revealing the particular intricacies within each design. Every single item is individually worked to create a consistently high quality finish.

‘Our aim is to offer jewellery which ranges from the
classic to the individual with character.’